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Customer Testimonial

We have been very satisfied with the quality, thoroughness and responsiveness of LAF Productions, Inc. in meeting our requests.
Ernestine Middleton,
Vice President of Administration - Arkansas Scholarship Lottery

Customer Testimonial

For maximum exposure, I would highly recommend hiring LAF Productions, Inc.
Carlotta Walls LaNier,
President - Little Rock Nine™ Foundation

Customer Testimonial

It is my pleasure to recommend one of Arkansas' finest shining examples of media, marketing and public relations talent in the state.
Cornelya Dorbin, MPA,
Executive Director - Arkansas Cancer Coalition

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Health and Wealth from the Same Box

Did you know that the perfect opportunity for health and wealth exists in the same place … the same box? Discover Laminine … experience Perfect Health and a Business Opportunity in a Box!

The choice is yours! Take Laminine to establish perfect health or choose Laminine as a dietary-supplement product to build your personal wealth, or both. If you already own a business, then you are in a great position to have an income-earning platform of a growing Industry, which supplements your income ... without trading dollars for hours. You can become an Independent Business Owner through LifePharm Global Network under your current business name and create additional income streams. Do it for yourself … do it for the next generation!

Although your decision may be an emotional one, we desire for it to be an educational one as well.  Informational product and testimonial videos are provided below as additional tools for your viewing pleasure.  If there is not a current need for opportunities of perfect health and/or legacy wealth, then please refer and share our opportunity with anyone whom you think could benefit. They will thank you many times over and bless you richly as a result! We guarantee it!

With Laminine, Laminine OMEGA+++, DIGESTIVE+++, or IMMUNE+++, out-of-the-box thinking is discovered within each innovative box!

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WHY Laminine? | Wealth. Health. Youth.

WHY Laminine? Here are 3 quick reasons WHY: (1) Wealth; (2) Health; and (3) Youth. Laminine is truly Nature's perfect supplement for mental, physical and emotional health ... naturally. Discover Laminine for yourself. Click the button below and find everything you need to know.

Independent Business Owner (IBO) Laminine Testimonials

“I have worked for many years in the stress-filled Industry areas of Advertising, Graphic Design and Marketing where long work hours are often the norm.  Whether standing all day performing production work or sitting for many hours creating meticulous designs, my workday usually concluded the same way with me experiencing tired and/or swollen feet … until Laminine!  I now get better circulation, energy, nutrient distribution, stamina and rejuvenation from our Laminine products.  Laminine truly works exactly and expediently where our own bodies need it!  I call Laminine and Laminine OMEGA 3 Plus the ‘dynamic duo of supplements’, as I commonly refer them to others.  They are the only supplements that I take, trust and tell anyone and everyone about.  Other than LAF Productions, Inc., a business enterprise that I passionately built, Laminine is shared only second to my Faith!

Laminine is the most safe, sensible and sound supplement on this side of life!  The Secret to Perfect Health has not only been unlocked, but it has been explained, exposed, experienced and expressed like never before!  Hands down, it is the best business model and product line on the planet.  Whether you are in need of better health or desire to maintain your good health, Laminine and Laminine OMEGA+++ are highly recommended for you!  Truly health and wealth exists in the same bottle!!!”

I call Laminine and Laminine OMEGA 3 Plus the 'dynamic duo of supplements', as I commonly refer them to others.
Larry Freeman

“Since using Laminine, I've been able to sleep better and now have more mental clarity. I had serious brain and heart difficulties and had to undergo a number of procedures, but was able to recover from them quickly because of Laminine. Laminine has changed my life.”

Since using Laminine, I’ve been able to sleep better and now have more mental clarity.
Shanna M.

“Well, I've had the pleasure of taking the Laminine OMEGA+++ product over a month ago and I was a little surprised it worked as quickly as it did. I saw veins I never thought I had. My circulation is better. I sleep more peacefully and I have more stamina just to name a few. I just started taking the Laminine and now I've got the best of both worlds. I'm going to purchase some more Laminine OMEGA+++ and start taking both at the same time and take this GREAT opportunity to the next level. There is no stopping us now! We've truly found GREAT HEALTH and WEALTH in a bottle. GOD bless!”

There is no stopping us now! We've truly found GREAT HEALTH and WEALTH in a bottle. GOD bless!
Damian Robinson

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"When what we are is what we want to be, that's happiness."

-Malcolm Forbes

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